Can you imagine your wedding ceremony with absolutely no music at all?  It's not exactly the image you'll want to remember for a lifetime.

The music you select for your wedding will set the proper tone for your entire ceremony.  We can assist you with our professional guidance in this selection to perfectly capture the moment, whether you are planning a large festive celebration or an intimate ceremony.

A professional performance of your selected  ceremonial music will leave you and your guests remembering your special day for a long time to come.
A full wedding ceremony will usually include the following:

     - prelude / incidental music (20 - 30 min)
     - seating of the family
     - wedding party processional
     - bride's processional
     - special music during the service
     - wedding party recessional
     - postlude / exiting music (10 - 15 min)

Smaller ceremonies can include as little as a processional and recessional with just an organist, or a trumpet and accompanist.

Often the wedding couple will desire that a family friend or relative participate in the ceremonial music, either vocally or instrumentally.  We encourage you to enhance your ceremony in every way you please.  This request will gladly be accomodated, but it does need to be made at the time of booking the event.  In addition, customized musical arrangements of favorite songs can be made, however this may increase the overall pricing.

While a brass quintet is the most frequently requested group for a full wedding ceremony, simply adding a trumpet soloist to your existing processional or recessional is often a popular  alternative to just an organist.  In addition, while ceremonies performed in a church are more common, Dutchess Brass can also meet your needs if your ceremony is outdoors, or at any other location.  (We can even provide solo accompanists!)
To download a copy of the "Dutchess Brass Guide to Planning the Music for Your Wedding Ceremony" click one of the links below:
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To download a copy of the "Dutchess Brass Wedding Music Selections Worksheet" click one of the links below:
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