Many factors can effect the overall pricing of an event performance.  Things to consider include:

     - Location of event / venue
     - Exceptional traveling expenses
     - Total time length of performance
     - Number of performers
     - Type of instrumentation
     - Type of performance
     - Any special requests
Pricing can range  from $75.00 - $125.00 per person, per hour, but many exceptions for special packages do exist.  In addition, some accompanying instruments for soloists can be more expensive than others.
For weddings you may also wish to  consider our budget-conscious alternatives to a live, larger ensemble.  This is especially popular at smaller, intimate weddings or non-church wedding settings, or even those that are non-traditional.  We can provide a soloist along with our professional digitally-sequenced accompaniments.  In most cases your guests will not even notice the difference!  This option is also great for a light jazz combo during a cocktail hour or smaller corporate reception.
To download a sample performance agreement click one of the links below (2 printed copies required):
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